How Does PEAKHD Help Fleet Owners?

In the US, fleet owners are required by federal laws to follow EPA regulations for their trucks. The regulations start with any one-quarter ton trucks or larger. Each of the fleet owners must use diesel exhaust fluid specifically for their trucks to comply with the laws.

Improving How Trucks Perform

The fleet trucks perform better when the exhaust fluid is used properly. More horsepower and torque is available, and the trucks get better fuel economy. Fleet owners won’t have to worry about if their drivers are using the fluid properly because the system indicates when more fluid is needed.

Passing Safety Inspections

The purpose of using the diesel exhaust fluid is to control nitrous oxide emissions and prevent them from flowing out the exhaust. When using a selective catalytic reduction system, the fleet owner won’t have to worry about the emissions or failed safety inspections. The systems help the exhaust fluid convert the harmful emissions into a hydrogen and water-based substance that isn’t dangerous.

Protecting the Environment

Converting the nitrous oxide gas into a safer substance protects the environment and lessens pollution. The Environmental Protection Agency requires all fleet owners who have at least one-quarter ton trucks to use the diesel exhaust fluid and do their part of the environment. Using the fluid correcting prevents dangerous gas emissions and won’t place local residents at risk. The regulations are enforced, and any fleet owner who doesn’t use the fluid for their trucks could face fines.

Lowering Common Expenses for Owners

Fleet owners who use diesel exhaust fluid properly lower common expenses and overhead costs. The drivers require less fuel for their trucks and get better gas mileage. Fleet owners don’t have to schedule maintenance services, such as oil changes as often and keep the trucks on the road longer.

In the US, fleet owners use diesel exhaust fluid to control harmful gas emissions. The EPA requires the fluids, and all drivers must use the fluids according to the dashboard indicator lights. A failure to comply with the regulations could lead to hefty fines for the company. Fleet owners who want to learn more about using the fluid consult a supplier about PEAKHD now.